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This page is under Construction.
We will be adding content to this page soon, Soon we will post pictures and list the custom heatsinks we machine for the hosts on this site.
We are working as fast as we can to also release in the next couple of weeks, custom heat sinks for many more popular hosts that users like to use in their laser builds! We will also be adding new hosts to our inventory. Stay tuned!
All of our heatsinks are made to very close tolerances. They are pre-drilled for the module. The hole for the module will allow for a tight "press in fit". Using that method will help promote the thermal transfer from the diode into the heat sink. Many of our heatsinks also use a small set screw to secure the module.
We will be posting pictures of some of currently available models soon. Check this page often for updates.
Remember and please feel free to always email us for questions.

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-MBK Laser Devices-
"For all your custom laser & laser driver needs"

By buying items on this page you AGREE and ACCEPT:

  • You WILL use this device in a safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.
  • You Are over the age of 18 and know the potential hazards inherent in high power laser equipment.
  • You know the electronic safety precautions necessary with this item and therefore accept it "AS IS" as an EXPERIMENTAL COMPONENT without warranty.
  • You Accept this item as a COMPONENT for integration in a system of YOUR OWN.
  • You understand ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and the precautions necessary to prevent it, and read the user manual and follow all instructions contained therein.
  • You releive the seller from any and all liability arising from the sale or use of this component.