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Here are the DIY kits we currently offer. We can customize anyone of our kits to your specifacations or needs. If you have any questions please email us. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.
Laser Diode Sleds

GGW-H20L (6x BlueRay)
This is the GGW-H20L sled which contains a 405nm 6x BluRay Laser Diode and a 16x Long Closed Can 650nm Red Laser Diode in it as well (plus an IR diode). This is for the full sled. You will have to harvest the diodes out, its a fairly simple process.
I can also harvest these and will press the diode in a laser module housing so all you have to do is connect it to your own laser diode driver. That option is available lower on this page. 
It is highly recomended to only power a diode with a laser driver, I recommend Rkcstr's Microdrive or DrLava's Flexdrive both are great.
Also, I strongly recommend you use a heat sink if you want your 6x laser to live a good strong life. The heat sink will keep the diode much cooler, as we all know heat kills diodes. I like to set my drivers to power these 6x Blueray diodes at 190mA-200mA which is a good current to power these 6x lasers at. At that mA you should be able to get 190mW-200mW out of the blueray diode. As far as the 650nm (red diode), it can be powered at a safe 450mA, which should get you 200mW.
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405nm 6x BluRay Diode Module
This diode was harvested out of the above (GGW-H20L) sled. It is safely powered at 190mA-200mA (creating about 200mW)! I will harvest the diode out of the sled and press it into the AixiZ module in the picture. The module is a focusing dot, with a plastic lens.
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GGW-H20L 650nm Red Diode Module
This is a 650nm Red 16x DVD Burner diode that is a Long Closed Can diode that can be equal or sometimes more efficient than the 20x DVD Burner Long Open Can diode. This diode is harvested out of the above GGW-H20L sled. These diodes can be powered  to 400mA and provide 200+mW! 
I will press the diode into the module pictured (you can have the option to have me install a flexdrive driver and set the current for you, or you can just buy the diode pressed into the module and connect it to a current sorce that you will supply).

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5mW Red LD Module
This is a AixiZ module which contains a 5mW Red diode. It has a plastic lens, and is a focusing dot module. Includes apre-installed driver (not a flexdrive) in the module. Its ready to connect to your current source! This is great module to build a low powered pointer.

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Flexdriver laser diode current driver
This is the best, high quality laser driver on the market. It can supply 65mA-1.5A! Its so small it can actually fit inside a AixiZ module! Its also perfect for that micro host you want to use for you'r next build. It can be supplied with a current of 2.0v-5.5v and up to 6.4VDC with a diode in series). This includes 2-4 AAAs, AAs, Cs, Ds, and single lithium batteries primary and rechargeable. That allows you to have many options as far as hosts.  

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Diodes (no module)
We currently have a few diodes in stock:
  • 405nm (6x BluRay) -$45.95
  • 650nm(red diodes) -$22.95
  • A few 780nm (IR diodes) -$17.95
Email us for more info, or what we currently have in stock. 

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By buying items on this page you AGREE and ACCEPT:

  • You WILL use this device in a safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.
  • You Are over the age of 18 and know the potential hazards inherent in high power laser equipment.
  • You know the electronic safety precautions necessary with this item and therefore accept it "AS IS" as an EXPERIMENTAL COMPONENT without warranty.
  • You Accept this item as a COMPONENT for integration in a system of YOUR OWN.
  • You understand ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and the precautions necessary to prevent it, and read the user manual and follow all instructions contained therein.
  • You releive the seller from any and all liability arising from the sale or use of this component.