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Here are the laser hosts we supply. We have found these hosts to be some of the most popular out there for the laser entusiest. They offer superior build quality, and just enough space inside for your module and driver. Or you can enjoy them as the great flashlights they are.

MXDL 3405  Flashlight Host
This is the MXDL 3405 5W Luxeon Lumiled 3-AAA Flashlight. It is a great host for your next Bluray laser build. It is also a great flashlight if your just looking for a extremely bright LED light.
- Takes 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries (via an included internal battery case)
- Switch type: clicky on/off
- Glass lens with smooth plastic reflector

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MXDL 4171 Flashlight Host
This is the MXDL 5W Lumileds CR123A 6V Flashlight. It is a great host for a red or green laser build.  
- Features glass lens and plastic smooth reflector
- Switch type: clicky on/off
- Powered by 2 x CR123A 3.0V batteries (do NOT use 3.6V batteries)
materials again.

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Dorcy Jr Flashlight Host

The Dorcy 41-4262 aka the "Dorcy JR". It is one of the the top favorites for the DIY laser builder. Very compact, super well built, tail clicky. Its a great all around host for red, bluray & green laser builds. There are a few very nice custom heatsinks available for this host. This is also a great LED flashlight, very bright, small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to mod the LED should you want to.
-45 Lumen Aluminum LED Flashlight
-Lumens: 45
-Run Time: 6 Hrs.
-Beam Distance: 100 ft.
-Bulb Type: LED, MW1D, LuxeonŽ
-Batteries: 1 CR123 battery (included)
-Product Material: Aluminum alloy construction
-Product Dimensions: 3.18”L x 0.88”W
-Bezel Diameter: 1.08”
-Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb
-Switch: Tail cap push button switch


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Mini Maglite Flashlight Host
The maglite needs no explanation. Been around for many, many years. They are a little more dificult to use as a laser host becasue they are smaller and dont provide as much interior room to work with as other hosts. The maglight does however provide many colors to choose from and a very nice finish. Not to meniton they just look great modded into a laser. 

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  • You WILL use this device in a safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.
  • You Are over the age of 18 and know the potential hazards inherent in high power laser equipment.
  • You know the electronic safety precautions necessary with this item and therefore accept it "AS IS" as an EXPERIMENTAL COMPONENT without warranty.
  • You Accept this item as a COMPONENT for integration in a system of YOUR OWN.
  • You understand ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and the precautions necessary to prevent it, and read the user manual and follow all instructions contained therein.
  • You releive the seller from any and all liability arising from the sale or use of this component.