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OC Studio
Equipment List


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Here are the cameras and equipment that helped take these photos.

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This is my new Minolta Dimage A1. The flagship camera of Minolta. It is a 5.2 megapixel progressive SLR camera. It will allow me to take pictures that the Kodak camera just wouldnt let me to. It has a broad range of manual and auto settings. Just about every setting can be control manually. It has a SUPER NICE zoom, Compact Flash memory also...(which was a selling point to me, since I have lots of CF cards and My IPAQ 2215 PDA has a CF slot). This camera has way to many features to list on this page....(other websites list over 10+ pages of info about this camera) I will just add a link to a site that has all the info and some reviews on this camera.

MSRP $1,199


Here is the A1 shown with the optional Battery Pack.


Front view


Side lens controls.


The manual zoom lens.


Top view.


Back LCD view.


The LCD screen can be adjusted for differnt vantage point viewing.




Here is a view of the top LCD camera info screen.


Here is the top LCD screen again, but backlighted.




This is the lens hood when its attached to the camera.


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Here is my Kodak DC240. It is a 1.3 megapixel camera, with compact flash memory. It was my first digital camera.  I have captured around 3600 photos on it. And it still works great! I upgraded from the 8MB flash card to a 128MB flash card. It is a simple point and shoot camera with very limited manual controls.


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Here is my Velbon CX-690 Deluxe Heavy-Duty Photographic/Video Tripod. I have nothing but good things to say about this tripod. I might opt for a smaller one for field use later. (This one is rather large). But it will fold down to around 24". It is rock steady, and has a ton of features!

  • Heavy-duty 3-section 27-millimeter tubular aluminum legs
  • Large 3-way pan head with left-positioned sure-grip pan/tilt control handle allows easy access to camera controls
  • Right-tilting camera platform allows 35mm cameras vertical as well as horizontal composition with more secure seating for heavier cameras
  • Pan head incorporates a large bidirectional quick-release camera platform with retractable camcorder alignment pin
  • Leveling bubble is mounted on the tripod body for more precise tripod leveling
  • 22.jpg

    A picture of the Raynox DCR-1800 telephoto lens. (1.8X)


    The Raynox DCR-1540Pro Telephoto lens (1.58X)


    The Raynox DCR-FE180 Pro Fish-Eye (full frame) Lens.


    Here is the DCR-250 Raynox Super Macro Lens.