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OC Studio
Macros Page


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Here are a few macro pictures I have executed so far.

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Pictures taken with my Minolta Dimage A1
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I named this photo "The Crystal". You can see the setup of it at the bottom of this page.


Here I captured a close-up of some "spongy daisies."


In the "Crayons" photo I wanted to see if I could capture an example of some vibrant colors. Im very pleased with the outcome. I took a copy of this picture, and I ran a color filter, which you can see again on the "artistic" photo page.


Here is a picture of some random holiday stuff we had lying around.
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Pictures from my Kodak DC240
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The Pictures above and Below are of
a "Red Lion" flower I grew to try some
closeups on. I set my DC240 to use its
super macro setting, with  +1.5 over
exposure.  I used a diffuser on the
camera mounted flash.  


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Behind the scenes of my macro shots...
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Here is a picture of the top macro shot on this page, (the crystal picture).
I took this picture to show a "behind the scenes of my simple macro setup.
 Im using the Minolta with the standard lens (no macro lens).
Pretty much all these macro shots were captured in the same manner.