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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. Here is an example of a style we may use.

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    S&K Construction and Development is well versed in the intracies of distressed propertores weather the be; (bank owned, short sale, REO or bought at trustee sale). We are well versed in the realestate investments firms bussiness model to clean up, rehab and improve the property to influeince a quick sale.
We act fast!
Our initital onsite responce:
  1. We will have one of our Property Refurbishment Speacialist meet onsite within 24 hours of aqusition.
  2. They are there to quickly asses the condition of the home.
  3. They will make sure it can be locked securley, and inspect the house for any immiedate "needs" the house has. 
  4. Next the PRS will devise a Scope of Work or "Scope", that will be the general outline of the house's improvments.
  5. They will also devise a construction scheulde.
  6. Once the walk is complete the will realy that info along with the many "before" pictures of the property back to the office.
  7. Our office will submitt the Scope of work to the investor to ensure all of their needs have be incorperate into it and it also  mirrors the teir level the invisioned.
  8. Once approved, a bid is constructed and subbmitted for approval.

Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

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