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Here are a few pics of the waverunner....



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A beach house; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here is a pic of my Yamaha GP1200R.....

The few modifacations that have been done are, It now has a GPR-R3 performace engine by Riva Yamaha. It also has a new ride plate and top loading intake grate, both by Riva, the pump got a work has a Solas Impeller, and a Skat Trak Magnum Pump. Next mods scheduled are a GPR Umi steering system, some Renthal bars and a Jettrim seat cover . This will be the first year racing it. So far I have four sponsors to help out.


Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide



Here are some great links to websites of companys out there who have been of great help......

Yamaha Corp.

VP Racing Fuel

Riva Yamaha

Parker Yamaha